• Indigenous Owned
  • Encouraging Reconciliation through art
  • Direct relationships with artists
  • Signatories to Indigenous Art Code and Melbourne Art Code of Practice
  • Certified Supply Nation Supplier

Dreamtime Art is an Indigenous owned family business. The Founders are Managing Director Matthew Everitt who is a member of the Taungurung Clans in Victoria and his wife Fatima Everitt who is the Director of the business.

Our involvement within different Aboriginal communities in Central Australia has allowed us to provide our customers with the highest quality, ethically sourced, original and authentic Aboriginal art.

Dreamtime Art eliminates the middle man. In the past you would have to buy from second, third and fourth sources for your Aboriginal Art needs. Dealing directly with the artists enables us to have a high standard of quality and remain competitive in the marketplace. This makes it fair for our artists, our clients and our business. This also guarantees authenticity for our clients.

Dreamtime Art Online Gallery specialises in Aboriginal Art from the Western and Central Deserts of the Northern Territory. We have established a hospitable studio in the heart of Australia in Alice Springs, Northern Territory for artists to come and share their Dreamings whenever they are in town. All artists are welcomed with open arms to share their Dreamings in a friendly, non-threatening environment. 

We know that the possibility for a harmonious future through Reconciliation is just at our fingertips if we are willing to lean forward and reach for it. We encourage all the people in our lives and our clients to help in Closing the Gap between mainstream and Indigenous Australia. Please click on the link and read about what Reconciliation means to us.

Our relationship with our artists transcends the barriers of artist and dealer. We treat our artists with respect and we know how lucky we are to have them share their Dreamings with us.

We only deal with freelance artists and never lock our artists down with contracts as we believe it is every artists’ right to share their Dreamings with whomever they choose. This allows artists to enjoy the success of their career at its peak.

We represent individual artists in expos, exhibitions, art competitions or art fairs for further exposure and development of their art careers.

Dreamtime Art is very supportive to our artists and we always try to accommodate and assist artists and their families when needed.

We are privileged to have our artists share their Dreamtime stories with us through art. We sit with the artists while they are painting to further understand their Dreaming and storylines and what meaning it has to their family. 

‘Hand Prepared Materials’

Dreamtime Art carefully prepares all materials in-house by hand giving continuity for all artworks sold on our Online Gallery. All artworks are painted on Belgian Linen that has been hand-primed with four coats of Gesso. Our artists use only top quality Artist Grade synthetic polymer paints. 

Dreamtime Art commits itself to the code of practice outlined by the Melbourne Indigenous Art Code of Practice  and adheres to the strict guidelines of the National Indigenous Art Code in supporting Aboriginal artists.

Dreamtime Art pays artists appropriately and fairly following the National Association for the Visual Arts Ltd (NAVA) guidelines and also ensuring that artists receive their Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) entitlements where applicable. 

We are supported by TCAC, Kinaway, IBA, VECCI, PwC, Supply Nation(formerly AIMSC) and Art Collector. Please click on Affiliates and Credits for more information.

‘For our Clients’

We welcome new, current and returning clients to our website. We are determined to gain and maintain your trust and loyalty through our dealings with you.

We thank you for your custom and support.

We hope this website will be an insightful introduction to newcomers to the world of Contemporary Indigenous Art.

For our returning clients and subscribers, we will always strive to be current, interesting, educational and useful to keep your business and visits to our website frequent and make your subscription worthwhile.

We endeavour for the Dreamtime Art Online Gallery to be the world-wide shop front for all our local and International clients.

If we can be of assistance to you in any way, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us as we love to talk to people from all over the world about the many different aspects of Aboriginal art and culture. 

As an Indigenous owned business, we promise to continually grow, evolve and improve the state of our business. Dreamtime Art will always be open to learning, changing and developing to be better in business for the benefit of its artists, staff and clients. 

To further enhance our reach to you, our clients, we also have social media accounts where you can post your own comments regarding Aboriginal Art or Indigenous issues. We are more than happy to read and respond where applicable.

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And finally, Thank You for choosing to browse through the Dreamtime Art website. You are supporting the success and longevity of an Indigenous owned business that is Dreamtime Art – The Meeting Place for Your Aboriginal Art Solutions. 

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