Welcome To Dreamtime Art

The birth of Dreamtime Art came from a vision to take quality Aboriginal Art to the world based upon respectful, ethical standards that delivers fair reward to the artists – authenticity and value to the buyer.

As an Indigenous owned business, Dreamtime Art takes its social responsibility seriously with the following goals woven into the heart of our business.



Who Is Dreamtime Art

Promoting Reconciliation through the beauty of Aboriginal art.
  • To play a positive role in bridging the gap between urban Australia and Indigenous communities through reconciliation
  • To open the lines of communication regarding Indigenous topics within mainstream Australia in order to promote the possibility of a harmonious future through unity and common respect
  • To widen understanding and appreciation for the Indigenous culture within Australian society
  • To provide the opportunity and means for young and emerging artists to develop and exhibit their work
  • To continuously invest in the national and international recognition for both emerging and established Aboriginal artists through the ongoing development of gallery networks to facilitate showcase exhibitions and artist introductions
  • To build a worldwide reputation as a leader in the ethical stewardship and development of Aboriginal art
  • To give back to the local communities and assist the artists and their families
  • To educate our clients about the lifestyles of the artists and their communities
We recognise the importance and significance of our artists Dreamings and that we are responsible for sharing Dreamings in the most accurate and appropriate way.

Our devotion to our artists challenges us to constantly find innovative ways to promote their art in order to create sustainable employment opportunities for their future. We adhere and abide by the rules set out in the Art Codes to which we are privileged members and signatories..

We have great expectations from ourselves and we always want to push ourselves a little further. We are open and honest about our capabilities. We rely on our passion to keep us energised but we resist the urge to do things too quickly.
We will work hard to continually grow, evolve and improve the state of our business. Dreamtime Art will always be open to learning, changing and developing. This enables us to be better in business for the benefit of our artists, ourselves, our clients and for the Indigenous culture as a whole. It is only when we are open to learn, we can truly know.

Meet Our Team

Fatima Everitt
Fatima EverittDirector
Matthew Everitt
Matthew EverittDirector

Matthew is a board member of the Taungurung Clans Aboriginal Corporation (TCAC). Matthew was appointed as one of the eleven Board Members for TCAC in 2013. Actively involved in the Cultural Heritage Management of Taungurung Land, Negotiation Team Member for Traditional owners Settlement v. State of Victoria, Chief Editor of Bi-Monthly TCAC Newsletter ‘Baandana’, Matthew devotes ample time for Taungurung and the betterment of its community.

A graduate of LaTrobe University in Cultural Heritage Management – Archaeology Program and current student of Victoria University studying Bachelor of Arts – Australian Indigenous Studies, Matthew has dedicated much of his time and energy towards learning more about the Indigenous culture, his country and the current issues that faces the First people of Australia.

“I am a member of the Taungurung Clans in Victoria. I hold my Aboriginal background close to my heart. I’ve always had a strong desire to assist in the development of Indigenous communities and cultural values for both Indigenous and urban Australia. Promoting Aboriginal Art to mainstream Australia and to the rest of the world fills me with pride. It gives me a sense of purpose and completion. I know that the contribution Dreamtime Art gives to the artists and their communities is invaluable. Through my ethical ways and treating others the same way I would want to be treated, I will make my fellow Aboriginals proud.”

– Matthew Everitt

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