The Dreamtime Art team can come to your workplace and talk about the art, the artists and the Dreamings associated with the art you have purchased or leased.

This is Dreamtime Art’s unique touch.

Our direct relationships with the artists gives us a great platform to pass on their stories to your staff and allows you to involve your employees in learning about Indigenous culture through a neutral and non-intrusive way.

The Cultural Conversation is designed to be in a style of a discussion where your employees can ask questions, contribute to the conversation and also find out more about Indigenous culture, its cultural significance and importance and why the artworks is history on canvas.

Join the many corporate businesses and government bodies who have enjoyed the Dreamtime Art Cultural Conversation experience as it has provided their employees a form of Cultural Exchange as well as engaging their staff regarding Indigenous topics, its people and most of all the meaning of the art that will be adorning your office walls.

So if you are a corporate business or government body looking to start the conversation about Indigenous culture and heritage,

Please Contact Us today to discuss your business needs.

Do you want your staff and clients to see Aboriginal Art first hand?

Would you like your staff and clients to understand Aboriginal artists Dreamings and their meanings?

Are you looking to create a sense of reconciliation within your workplace for your staff and clients?

Can you play a role in sustaining the Aboriginal art form and contributing to long-term employment opportunities to Aboriginal artists?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Contact Us today to discuss your specific business needs.

Dreamtime Art will create solutions for your business that can fulfill your RAP strategies and bring a sense of reconciliation to your workplace through Cultural Conversation.

Corporate Leasing – Australia Wide

Leasing Indigenous artworks are available for Australian registered businesses to display in your offices, boardrooms, foyers, events and general spaces.

Dreamtime Art will guide you through the selection process of leasing art that is perfect for your business space. Please browse through our galleries and click on the ‘Lease Enquiry’ tab or send us an email on and we will tailor a selection for your perusal.

Leasing is a cost-effective way to adorn your corporate space with art that is thought-provoking and conversation starters. It will create an aesthetically pleasing and relaxing ambience for your staff and clients alike.

By decorating your space with Aboriginal Art, you are helping the Indigenous artists, their families and the Aboriginal Art Industry. It will bring a sense of Reconciliation to your workplace and shows clients that you are taking steps towards closing the gap.

All leased artworks are 100% tax deductible.

Choose from the interchangeable Dreamtime Art ‘Roaming Collection’. The ability to alter your desired artworks at intervals keeps your working environment fresh, vibrant and always contemporary.

This provides a great opportunity to promote Aboriginal Art and Aboriginality in your workplace.

When your clients come into your boardroom for a meeting and see a stunning masterpiece from an Indigenous Artist adorning your wall, this would be an excellent chance to automatically break down any barriers when doing business.

Leasing artworks makes sense for businesses. It helps with keeping the costs down and for most businesses, it is affordable.

We can provide short term lease arrangements for openings, events and galas and long term leasing beginning at 12 months.

Businesses who take on a longer lease agreement (24 month and above) has the option to refresh their workplace environment with new artworks every 12 months if you choose. This will allow you to keep your designated environment fresh and vibrant and always Contemporary.

Please Contact Us for a one-on-one consultation so we can tailor a lease arrangement to meet your specific business needs.

(Corporate Leasing available to Australian businesses only)

The Dreamtime Art acquisition experience is unique. We will assist you from start to finish in finding the perfect piece for your home, office, boardroom or corporate space.

Dreamtime Art is an art consultancy business and the selection process is tailored to your requirements and taste. Our website gives examples of artworks by the artists we deal with so you, our client can get a feel of what the artwork style looks like. We will then choose pieces for you to help you select the perfect piece for your chosen space to create the right ambience and suit the current decor and furnishings of your chosen space.

Our services include an option for an on-site consultancy* or you may choose from an Artwork Selection specifically chosen for your needs.

Browse through our galleries and find your favourite piece of Aboriginal Art.

Contact us for any enquiries.
*Prices may vary depending on location

If you are a corporate business or government body and are looking for creative and innovative ways to engage your staff and employees, Dreamtime Art will present you with ideas that will reflect your Actions outlined in your Reconciliation Action Plan Statements.

We can also specifically choose an artist to collaborate with you in creating an original and meaningful artwork for your statement that is culturally significant.

You can also select from our current collection for artworks that are suitable for your needs. Allow us to take you on the Dreamtime Art journey.

Dreamtime Art – sharing Indigenous culture and promoting reconciliation through the beauty of art.

Do you have a space in your office/home that needs to be brightened?

Do you want a talking point for your clients and/or visitors?

Are you interested in helping to bridge the gap with Indigenous Australia?

Consultancy allows for your specific art needs which will be perfectly suited for your work and/or home interiors. Contact Us today for a free 30 minute consultancy.

Coming Soon.

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