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Credit Cards, Paypal

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All purchases are deemed unpaid until all funds are clear.

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Purchases AUD$2000 and above:

Free Delivery

Purchases below AUD$2000:

Domestic AUD$70

International AUD$150

Our shipping consignments insurance policy covers damages to artworks during transit to the value of $25,000AUD.

  • National deliveries are through Fastway Couriers with a provided tracking number for your reference. Expected delivery time is 3 business days once payment in full has cleared.
  • International deliveries are through Qantas Couriers and DHL with a provided tracking number for your reference. Expected delivery time is 10 business days once payment in full has cleared.

Please note:

We do not deliver to Post Office Boxes as a signature is required as proof and receipt of delivery.

All artwork is sold with a guarantee attaining to the authenticity of your artwork. The provenance will originate from Dreamtime Art authenticating your new Aboriginal Art. Your purchase will include the following:

  • Artist Biography
  • Certificate of Authenticity (including The Dreamtime Story if possible)
  • Photos of the relevant artist holding and signing their artwork (including working progress photos where possible)

We photograph all artworks using a digital SLR camera which is then carefully catalogued for future reference. Where possible and allowed, we take full sets of working photos while any artists create their masterpieces.

We work hard to maintain up-to date artist biographies and any further information about that artist.

We sit with the artists while they are painting to further understand their dreaming and storylines and what meaning it has to their family.

Dreamtime Art commits itself to the code of practice outlined by the Indigenous Art Code and Melbourne Indigenous Art Code of Practice supporting Aboriginal artists.

Dreamtime Art are proud voluntary signatories for the Copyright Agency Limited (CAL). Artists receive 5% of purchase price of artworks sold above AUD$1000.

The Dreamtime Art acquisition experience is unique. We will assist you from start to finish in finding the perfect piece for your home, office, boardroom or corporate space.

Dreamtime Art is an art consultancy business and the selection process is tailored to your requirements and taste. Our website gives examples of artworks by the artists we deal with so you, our client can get a feel of what the artwork style looks like. We will then choose pieces for you to help you select the perfect piece for your chosen space to create the right ambience and suit the current decor and furnishings of your chosen space.

Our services include an option for an on-site consultancy* or you may choose from an Artwork Selection specifically chosen for your needs.

Browse through our galleries and find your favourite piece of Aboriginal Art.

Contact us for any enquiries.
*Prices may vary depending on location

When buying art from Dreamtime Art you can rest assured that your artwork is fully guaranteed. Dreamtime Art provides you with the chance to see what you have purchased in person rather than just relying on a digital image and make sure that it has been accurately described and what you expect. You can opt for a full refund or swap for another stunning piece.

We only ask that the artwork purchased is returned in the original condition, along with all photos and relevant paperwork including the Certificate of Authenticity. The only expense to you is the cost of the return freight and/or customs fees.

Our money back guarantee is valid for 14 days from time of purchase.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

When purchasing artworks, you should always use extra care to avoid damage to your investment. A few things that we suggest are:


  • You should always get your framing done from a reputable framer. Your framer will understand what to do and if there is any shrinkage with the Linen, they will know how to stretch it out with water and time. They will use only the best wood and make your frame square and artwork looking great.
  • Avoid handling the painted surface of your new artwork directly with hands or fingers. Skin oils are highly acidic and touching the surface will cause abrasive damage to your artwork over time.
  • Dust is the biggest enemy of acrylic paintings. If you can, get protective framings for your artwork, if you can’t, reduce the amount of dust where the artwork will be stored or framed. We recommend to contact a professional conservator to remove dust safely.
  • If you plan to store your artwork you should try to lay it flat to avoid any shrinkage in the paint. If you have to roll it up to store you should roll the artwork up with the painted side exposed wrapped between tissue paper. This will eliminate the paint shrinking and potentially cracking when it is time to get it stretched.
  • Keep your stored artwork in a dry, dark and cool room to avoid any unnecessary and premature aging.
  • The use of cloths, detergents, fingers, feather dusters or brushes to clean your artwork is not recommended due to the severe damage it may cause your painting. Please seek the advice of a professional conservator should you require any further questions or if your artwork requires cleaning.

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