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Dreamtime Art is a progressive way to consider you Aboriginal Art needs. We assist in making the decision easy with the simplified way in which we do business. We provide you with a full Aboriginal Art consultancy and give you a national reach to enjoy Aboriginal Art in any of your offices around Australia. Our consultancy provides you with an in depth understanding of Aboriginal Art through the eyes of the artists. We can provide you with an privileged interpretation unique to you and Dreamtime Art from the direct working relationships with Aboriginal Artist around our Country.

Additional services that we provide include Aboriginal Art licensing of images for corporate profiles, RAP statements and internal documents, commissioned Aboriginal Art, Art Exhibitions (both internally and externally), cultural awareness, workshops & activities and corporate gifts & gift certificates.

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Dreamtime Art chooses to play an active part in developing the Indigenous business sector. This means that many of the decisions that we make on a daily basis are towards the betterment of all Indigenous businesses in securing economic inclusions within the wider Australian societal context.
Investing in our own vision and mission to promote Indigenous entrepreneurship across Australia means that we also actively promote many other businesses where the opportunity might exist to offer recommendations to our clients.
As part of our journey we embrace the idea that business success in this area is not substantiated on turnover and profit; rather, success is measured by the inclusion of and development of new Indigenous businesses within our sector and longevity for existing Indigenous businesses.
We envisage a future where Indigenous businesses compete in an egalitarian society, where stereotypes and assumptions about Indigenous people and Indigenous businesses are extinguished; where we can all thrive and succeed on our own merit.
Our goal is to actively engage with our clients to embed Indigenous cultural competency within corporate businesses and government agencies by conversing, promoting and guiding rhetoric; providing new and innovative ways to think, problem solve, engage and embrace. This is underpinned by a true and meaningful exchange towards a genuine reconciled society.
Promoting Reconciliation through the beauty of Aboriginal art.
  • To play a positive role in bridging the gap between urban Australia and Indigenous communities through reconciliation
  • To open the lines of communication regarding Indigenous topics within mainstream Australia in order to promote the possibility of a harmonious future through unity and common respect
  • To widen understanding and appreciation for the Indigenous culture within Australian society
  • To provide the opportunity and means for young and emerging artists to develop and exhibit their work
  • To continuously invest in the national and international recognition for both emerging and established Aboriginal artists through the ongoing development of gallery networks to facilitate showcase exhibitions and artist introductions
  • To build a worldwide reputation as a leader in the ethical stewardship and development of Aboriginal art
  • To give back to the local communities and assist the artists and their families
  • To educate our clients about the lifestyles of the artists and their communities
We recognise the importance and significance of our artists Dreamings and that we are responsible for sharing Dreamings in the most accurate and appropriate way.

Our devotion to our artists challenges us to constantly find innovative ways to promote their art in order to create sustainable employment opportunities for their future. We adhere and abide by the rules set out in the Art Codes to which we are privileged members and signatories..

We have great expectations from ourselves and we always want to push ourselves a little further. We are open and honest about our capabilities. We rely on our passion to keep us energised but we resist the urge to do things too quickly.
We will work hard to continually grow, evolve and improve the state of our business. Dreamtime Art will always be open to learning, changing and developing. This enables us to be better in business for the benefit of our artists, ourselves, our clients and for the Indigenous culture as a whole. It is only when we are open to learn, we can truly know.

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Sharing Indigenous Culture Through The Beauty Of Art

“Promoting reconciliation by sharing Aboriginal Art to the world based upon respectful, ethical standards that delivers recognition to the artists – authenticity and value to the buyer”

Wayne Quilliam

Wayne Quilliam

Benifits of Dreamtime Art?

Our involvement within different Aboriginal communities in Central Australia has allowed us to provide our customers with the highest quality, ethically sourced, original and authentic Aboriginal art.

    • Indigenous Owned
    • Encouraging Reconciliation through art
    • Direct relationships with artists
    • Signatories to Indigenous Art Code and Melbourne Art Code of Practice
    • Certified Supply Nation Supplier
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